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Letting Necessary Speak

This article was previously written April 30, 2020 on

Once you have learned to eliminated the unnecessary in your day to day living, the next step is to allow the necessary to speak. This is where you will find the most meaning in life.

What do you want? What do you find the most value in? What do you need to improve on? Take time to write down 3 things that you find the most value in your life. For me it is God, Family and the development of my personal business. There are so many other things that I can add to this list. But for simplicity sake, we are only going to focus on 3 major values or important concepts in our life. It could be your health (physical, spiritual, financial, etc). It could be your job; or the friends and loved ones around you.

If you are a digital person (like me), create a note in your digital notebook; or if you like the physical, write them on a specific piece(s) of paper you intend to keep in a secure place. Think real broad here. This is about you and about your whole life. Think long-term.

Write the 3 top values you have in your life.

If you were to be able to do anything without limitations (physical, geographical, financial, etc), what would you like to see happen with these 3 values? I know that sounds a bit unrealistic. I certainly do not have all the time in the world, nor finances. I certainly have some limitations. However, you would be amazed at how quickly you move towards your goals, when you can see them; for what you want, or what they are. If you can not see them, or envision them, then you will not know what to look for; especially if it is right under your nose.

Under each of these 3 top values, write down what success would look like in these top 3 values. What would it look like physically? What are some tangible signs of increased quality, meaningfulness, and improvement in these areas. What would that look like? Write that down, under each of these 3 values. If family is one of your values, what specific evidence would you see if you were able to contribute to increased quality or meaningfulness? Perhaps, it’s the ability to make more time to spend with them. Maybe it would look like a consistent new family routine that brings everyone together, like a game night every Friday.

Just picturing in your mind’s eye what success looks like in your 3 top values is enough to change your perspective and direction in your life.

Once you have finished writing down your top 3 values, and what each of these values would look like if you had no limitations, post them some place where you can visually see them on a daily basis; reminding you every day what is important to you. This is your necessary.


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