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How Do You Impress Your Friends?

Making coffee for your party or your friends who are coming over?

Nothing enhances a get-together or party of friends and family then great coffee. It's your chance to show off your hospitality and sense of quality. If you really want to prepare that coffee right, there are a couple of ways that will deliver the great taste you want to share with your guests.

Pourover brewing with Chemex

Obviously, larger batches of brewed coffee are much more efficient than brewing individual cups. My favorite method for preparing coffee in larger quantities is with the Chemex brewing device. Chemex offers several different sized vessels, but they make a 10-cup and a 13-cup brewer. Why I love using the Chemex is because of how it produced extracted coffee. I find the coffee is more bright, accentuated and clearer in flavor. It also very entertaining for your guests to watch as you brew and prepare their cup. These cups are 5-6oz in volume, however I can brew about 5 average sized mugs, and I do a couple of batches.

Perhaps, you want to be more involved with your guests and the Chemex process sounds like too much work. There are some great automatic brewers available.

Here are a couple of automatic brewers that are SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) approved. In other words, they properly handle the coffee during the brewing process in regards to temperature and application.

Click on images for details

Lastly, along with your larger batch brewed coffee maker, you need great coffee. Storibord has a great selection of various regional coffees. Each coffee I offer on has its own flavor profile description, so you can better judge what type of coffee your guests will like.

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