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Time:  1:30 minutes
Yield:  one 11 oz cup
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Ratio:  9/1


American-made, Aeropress brewing is quick and easy. It's a perfect device for travel; easy to pack and very portable. Because this method is full immersion brewing, the taste is deep, rich, with a heavy mouthfeel as well as highlights those top notes in your coffee. Because it uses filters, it reduces sediment and silt, making a much cleaner cup. Though not designed to serve friends and family, the Aeropress is a great single cup brewer. This recipe comes from two World Aeropress Champions.


Step 1:

Heat enough water for 330 ml and some extra to 183ºF.  Alternatively, You can let water come to a boil, rest for 3 minutes, then use.

Step 2:

Grind 35 gm of fresh coffee to medium coarseness.  Coarser then table salt; just as you would use for a regular filter coffee.

Step 3:

Piece together the Aeropress parts so that the filter end is pointing up; keeping the filter cap off.  Rinse paper filter in filter cap with a quick wash of your heated water over a cup.

Step 4:

Drop freshly ground coffee in the top of the Aeropress container, and zero out digital scale.

Step 5:

Pour in 150 ml of heated water (183ºF), evenly covering and wetting all coffee grinds.  Set timer for 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Step 6:

Stir coffee slurry with a heated spoon for 20 seconds, then cover the Aeropress with the filter and filter cap.

Step 7:

When timer is done, slightly press down on top part of the press until you see small bubbles form through the filter cap. Gently turn Aeropress upside-down over your coffee cup and slowly press down for 30 seconds.  For metal filters that give more resistance when pressing, try a coarser grind size and press down with small pumping action.

Step 8:

When you hear air hissing (escaping) at the bottom, that means all coffee has passed through. Pull up on the press slightly before you remove it to help prevent dripping.

Step 9:

The brewed coffee is concentrated, so add an additional 160 ml to 180 ml of your heated water to taste.

Step 10:

Enjoy the moment.



Digital scale

330 ml of water


One spoon

35 gm fresh, tasty coffee

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