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My Stori

Enhance your day while you fulfill  your purpose


You are creating your story every day; by what you do and how you impact those around you. I believe every one of us has the ability to create good stories through what inspires us. I believe in people who believe in things that are bigger than themselves. Like you.


Storibord would like to be a part of your story and your daily routine. Great coffee is the start and the fuel to many great endeavors.  It’s the juice of inspiration and drive. Great coffee should be something that enhances your day and reminds you to enjoy the moments and the process.


My name is Benjamin Nason and I am the coffee roaster and owner of Storibord Coffee.  I love roasting and serving coffee that people love. I started roasting coffee at home for myself and family. I fell in love with the process and how amazing coffee can taste when done well. I love being able to share that with you and helping you make the most of your own coffee experiences.


Please contact me if you have any questions about coffee, my coffee, brewing, etc.  I would be happy to chat and connect.


Walt Disney used a concept that was developed by his animators for making the animated films.  Illustrators sketched scenes with several cards to tell the story of the animated film before it was created.  These were called storyboards.  These were the beginning and inspiration of all of their wonderful stories in animated films.


Every morning you wake up, you have the opportunity to develop your storyboard. You have dreams and desires for what you would like to do or what you would like to be. You have the power to create your story one day at a time. I hope that my coffee can be apart your story every day.


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