Digital scale

450 ml of water


Two spoons

30 gm fresh, tasty coffee

Step 1:    Heat a little more than 450 ml of water between 195º to 205º.  You can also let water come to a boil, rest for 2 minutes, then use.

Step 2:    Grind 30 gm of coffee beans to medium coarse.  Slightly coarser than table salt; just as you would use for a regular filter coffee.

Step 3:    Pour hot water in french press device to heat container in preparation for coffee brewing.  Swirl water to heat sides.  Dispose of water. 

Step 4:    Drop freshly ground coffee in french press container, and zero out digital scale.

Step 5:    Pour in hot water, evenly covering and wetting all coffee grounds.  Fill french press container 450 ml of water for a 15/1 ratio of coffee and water (30 gm of coffee, 450 ml of hot water).  Start timer for 4 minutes.

Step 6:    Place french press plunger just above the brewing coffee slurry.  Let stand without moving.

Step 7:    Once timer finishes, stir the coffee crust that sits at the top of the brew 3 times.  Take 2 spoons and scoop of the small bits of coffee floating at the top as well as all the foam and dispose.  Place plunger back on french press container, sitting just above the brewing coffee, and let stand untouched for another 5 minutes.  This will allow all of the grounds and sediment to fall to the bottom.  This will NOT over extract your coffee, but provide a much sweeter cup as well as a heavy body to the coffee mouth feel.

Step 8:    Once timer finishes, DO NOT plunge the french press plunger, but leave at the top of the brewed coffee.  Holding the top of the french press, pour your deliciously brewed coffee in to your favorite coffee cup, and make time to simly enjoy your results.

This alternative method was inspired by James Hoffmann and Tim Wedelboe.  You will taste a lot of natural coffee sweetness, along with a smooth, heavy body in the mouth feel.  It is natural to think that the extra 5 minutes will overly extract the brewing coffee and make it taste bitter.  But, trust me!  This method makes a great tasting coffee.  And, well worth the long wait.