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Farmers Market Season Coming to a Close

This has been a very exciting Summer for Storibord Coffee Roasters - open for business, launched a new site, vendor at the local Farmers Market, met some great people. Unfortunately, the season does come to an end. Fear not, however, you can continue to order excellent coffee right from

My last day for the Farmers Market concession stand at the Aroostook Center Mall will be September 12th. During the Farmers Market season in the Summer you can get Storibord coffee for $1 less than the website inventory, so please stop to take advantage of this offer before the season finishes.

While you are on, please sign up for the Storibord Newsletter and I will send you tips on how you can improve your coffee life. I will also send you a 20% off coupon which you can redeem on

Though the Farmers Market season closes, Storibord is here to stay. I plan on hanging out for a good long time.

Get inspired by my current coffee offerings.

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