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Storibord Coffee Stories: Congo SOPACDI Coop FTO

Coffees from Congo have been rising in recognition more and more recently in the coffee industry. This Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee comes from the SOPACDI Coop, a collection of over 5,600 farmers in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo at the edge of Lake Kivu. Congo has suffered many years of conflict and civil war, and this coffee represents, to them, a collaborative working together for a better future.

The SOPACDI Coop contributing communities surrounding Lake Kivu are small, remote and scattered. The creation of this particular coop in this turmoil-stricken country has brought a sense of hope to these people. Their homes are basic, without electricity and running water, and other amenities, however they are rebuilding their communities again, now that their families are back together. This very coop has built the first washing station in the Democratic Republic of Congo in over forty years.

In the cup, this coffee brings characteristics similar to its neighboring countries in its brightness. You will find a nice balance bright citrus notes and sweet caramel notes, with a rustic edge; a fully washed coffee grown between 1460 and 2000 meters above sea level.

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