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Roast level:  medium

Cupping score:  87

Characteristics:  Palm sugar, dark plum, cinnamon

Varietals:  Catimor

Processing:  honey process

Producer:  Tiancai of Yunnan Coffee Traders

Importer:  Pacifica Renew

Size:  12 oz


Honey Process Coffee:

Honey processed coffee, also known as pulped natural or semi-washed coffee, is produced by removing the outer skin of the coffee cherry while leaving some of the sticky fruit mucilage intact. After harvesting, ripe cherries are pulped to remove the skin, but instead of fully washing away the mucilage, the beans are left to dry with varying amounts of it still clinging to the parchment. The beans are spread out on raised beds or patios to dry, where the remaining mucilage undergoes fermentation. The amount of mucilage left on the bean, along with the duration and method of drying, can influence the coffee's flavor profile, resulting in a range of honey-like sweetness and nuanced fruity notes.


China, Xishuangbanna, Yunan, Honey

  • This farm holds special significance as it represents a project initiated by Tiancai, a prominent figure at Yunnan Coffee Traders and a partner of Pacifica Renew in Yunnan. Tiancai, who initially worked as a roaster, transitioned into farm management and spearheaded this venture. Situated in the Xishuangbanna area at an elevation of 1620 meters above sea level, the farm produces a modest yield of 8 tons annually, with the Guiben coffee harvest taking place from November to February.


    As Tiancai's expertise in specialty coffee has grown, so has his ambition to innovate with coffee production on his family's land in Yiwu Xishuangbanna. Collaborating with farm manager Mr. Chen, they produce washed, honey, and natural process coffees. Naturals undergo a meticulous drying process on raised African-style beds for 4-5 weeks, while honey coffees are dry-pulped initially and then dried in layers over 2-3 days before undergoing a further 25-day drying period. Washed coffees are pulped and then dry-fermented for 18 hours before being meticulously processed through density channels and dried on patios for approximately 5-8 days.


    Consistency is a hallmark of Guiben's coffee, ensuring a reliably high-quality cup with each harvest. The harvesting work in the Xishuangbanna region is carried out by local tribes, including the Akha, Dai, and Lahu, who contribute to the farm's success through their skilled labor.

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