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What Do You Taste In Your Coffee?

What Do You Taste In Your Coffee?

The answer to this is simple, coffee.

Sugar and cream may be some other flavor contributors to your daily mug. Why then do some coffee bags and packaging include flavor notes with the coffee's description?

Let me explain why.

Coffee cherries at harvest

Coffee is an amazingly complex beverage extracted from a seed, the coffee bean. The coffee bean (or seed) contains many different components, like carbohydrates, acids, lipids, oils, etc. These components develop, change and create new compounds during the coffee roasting process, which create the amazing and complex flavors we experience with coffee.

These compounds, namely the acids, give off a perceived flavor quality, which translate into flavors that we relate to in other foods. For example, citric acid has perceived flavor qualities of foods like oranges and lemons. Malic acid, gives perceived qualities of apples or pears; tartaric acid - grapes and bananas.

Because of the various sugars and acids in coffee, you can experience a variety of flavors similar to fruits, spices, chocolate, nuts, even vanilla.

You may never notice these subtle nuances in the coffee if you add cream and sugar to your cup, or if you have never taken time to be thoughtful about what you are drinking. Just for fun, try drinking coffee black, and be thoughtful of what your tongue is sensing. Do not drink the coffee too hot. Taste buds on the human tongue can only translate flavor to the brain with foods and liquids that are at body temperature or lower. The coffee should be warm or cool enough to be able to rest on your tongue for more than a second without burning it.

In each geographical region, coffee will have its own unique, and sometime signature flavor profile. When brewed and placed side-by-side for tasting, you can notice a substantial difference between them taste-wise.

This is why discovering and trying various regional coffees can be so fun. Each coffee can have its own experience.

At Storibord, I offer coffee from various coffee regions, and each one of them is as different as you and me, yet sometimes, can have very similar qualities.

Through, I offer a fun subscription program, where I curate the coffee that comes to your mailbox each week or month. I personally roast a variety of coffee and ship it to you. With the subscription program I cater to your flavor preferences. If you like coffees that have heavier, deeper flavor qualities, I can source these type of coffees from the importers and personally roast them for you. You, also, save a $1.00 off each bag of coffee on the subscription program while this offer lasts.

If you have any further questions regarding the subscription program, please to to

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