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Farmers' Market Season 2016

Storibord fans, I am very excited... announce that I will be starting up my Farmers' Market season next Saturday (May 14th) with some exciting new coffees. This year, along with my delicious and freshly roasted coffee beans, I will be freshly brewing these exciting new coffees for you. You can get a 12oz coffee to go and inspire your day.

All Storibord Coffee Roasters' roasted coffee bean are $1.00 off ONLY when you come to the Farmers' Market and purchase it. The main reason I offer the $1.00 off at the market only, is provide the opportunity to get a chance to meet and talk with you.

Come out next Saturday, May 14th, grab a bag or two of delicious and freshly roasted coffee and a 12oz cup of golden sunshine - brewed coffee that is.

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