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Grind Size Will Affect Your Coffee Flavor

How can the size of coffee grounds affect the flavor quality of your coffee?

Grinding whole bean coffee not only allows intoxicating aromatics to be released from the beans, but allows us to properly extract all of the goodness that freshly roasted coffee has to offer us. Grinding coffee to the right size particle will make a world of difference in the outcome of your brew.

Each device that is created for brewing coffee will vary in its requirement of the right coffee grind size. I have put together a simple visual explanation of what kind of grind size will work best for your coffee machine or brewing device.

When you preview Storibord’s online coffee shop, you will notice that you have the option to purchase whole bean coffee, filter ground, or French Press (press pot) ground. As explained in the pictorial explanation above, filter ground coffee, which works best for regular home automatic coffee brewing machines and most coffee brewing devices that require a paper filter of some kind, is a smaller grind size. The French Press grind, designed for french press or press pot brewing, is a larger particle grind size to accommodate for the type of fully water-immersion brewing this device operates with.

If you have any further questions regarding grinding coffee, please feel free to contact me at In the future you I will talk about different types of grinders and different types of brewing machines and devices, and how they work.


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