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What is Single Origin Coffee?

You may have heard this term before and never quite understood what single origin coffee is. For many of us who grew up understanding coffee before the 90s, we bought coffee as a blend - Mocha Java, House Blend, Breakfast Blend, etc. Currently, in most modern coffee shops, it has become rare see a blend.

A coffee blend is a calculated mixture of two or more different coffees from different regions within coffee-producing countries throughout the world - i.e. Huehuetenango region of Guatemala; Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. The purpose of blending coffee is to provide well-rounded flavor and complexity; highlighting on some of the best attributes of the contributing coffees with the intention of complement each other. My Holiday Blend is a carefully thoughout mix of an Ethiopian, Guatemalan and a Honduran coffee that is designed to be exciting and warm.

Within the past decade, the coffee industry has simplified how we perceive coffee types. And in simplifying it, it had become more complex. When coffee professionals and coffee lovers alike separate these blends and look at each coffee as a single region - i.e. Atitlan region of Guatemala, Sumatra region from Indonesia, Harrar region of Ethiopia - we begin to realize that each coffee region, and even country, have their own unique and signature qualities that make it exciting to experience them individually. Origin is where the coffee was grown and produced.

Ethiopian coffees are known for their floral and citrus flavors. Indonesian coffees are known for rustic, earthy qualities. Some Brazil coffees are known for buttery and nutty flavors. Even within isolated regions there can be variations of flavor profiles between coffee farms.

Discover your favorite.

You can almost travel the world from the comfort of your reading chair discovering and exploring coffees from different regions. Storibord Coffee Roaster’s shop currently features six different single origin coffees; each having their own unique qualities.

Please visit the Storibord Coffee Roaster’s shop now. I describe each coffee’s flavor profile, so you can get an idea of what you may expect.

Get inspired exploring different single origins.


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