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New Label

I am very excited to announce that Storibord now has a new label.

I have been featuring some great coffee under my Farmers Market label; which I will continue to feature. Now, I will also feature my Gallery Label, which brings to you some very exquisite coffees.

The first of these exquisite coffees is a Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia. These coffees from the Yirgacheffe region are well known not only for their amazing flavor, but they have amazing aromatics the moment you grind them. In this Yirgacheffe that I am featuring on Storibord, you will notice a mild, yet full flavor, coffee with blueberry and floral notes. This is a natural process coffee (or dry process), meaning the coffee seed is dried in the sun with the coffee cherry (fruit) still on the seed. Whereas, with washed coffees, the fruit is removed and the coffee seed is dried in the sun alone. This natural process allows the coffee to soak up that juicy, delicious flavor from the coffee cherry (fruit), which is very evident in this natural Yirgacheffee coffee.

This coffee, also, serves very well as an iced coffee. I have been having several myself. For my favorite method for brewing successful iced coffees, watch Peter Giuliano from the Specialty Coffee Association of America demo the Japanese style of iced coffee. Delish!!

Check out my new label today. I am hoping to begin to add more to this label as well as the great coffees of the Farmers Market label.


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