Roast level:  light

Characteristics:  pineapple, fruity, sugary sweetness, toffee

Importer:  Café Imports


From the Importer:

Buziraguhindwa Coffee Washing Station was established in 2010 and serves 3,000 smallholder producers in the area around Muruta commune in Buyenzi, Kayanza. Producers deliver their freshly harvested coffee in its cherry form to the washing station, where it is processed using a method that the washing station calls "double fermentation," and which will vary based on the weather as well as the available space. Depulped coffee is first fermented dry for 12 hours, then it is fermented for 6 or 18 hours underwater before being fully washed. The coffee is then soaked for 12 or 10 hours before being dried. For drying the coffee is first placed on tables under shade for 1–3 days, then on tables under full sun for 12–14 days.


Farmers here own less than half a hectare of land, on average, and in addition to growing coffee, they also grow crops like bananas, beans, yams, taro, and cassava, both for sale and for household use.

Burundi, Buziraguhindwa Coffee Washing Station

Whole bean or ground