Yield:  one 11 oz cup
Time:   5 minutes

Hot water

Apx 1/3 cup

fresh coffee

Classic Italian, the Moka pot has withstood the the test of time. Through steam, coffee is percolated upward through a small chamber and streams into an upper chamber. Espresso-like in that the cup is full of sweetness, bright acidity and heavy mouthfeel. This method is great for any low-tech environment. Take it camping.

Step 1:

Disassemble the three parts - bottom water chamber, coffee brewing basket, and the top brewing chamber.

Step 2:

Fill bottom water chamber with heated water up to the steam valve located on the inside and outside.

Step 3:

Drop the coffee basket in the bottom chamber.  Fill coffee basket to the rim with medium-coarse fresh ground coffee. Do not tamp or press down on coffee bed, but level out the coffee bed with your finger.

Step 4:

Thread on the top brewing chamber over the bottom chamber. Place on stovetop burner and set heat just above medium. For gas burners, medium heat is fine.

Step 5:

Within a couple of minutes you will see coffee frothing over the stem located in the center of the upper chamber when you lift the lid.

Step 6:

Once the coffee has stopped percolating and the hiss of steam has settled, take your moka pot to the sink and run cold water over the outside of the bottom chamber until warm to the touch.

Step 7:

Serve in small demitasse cups and enjoy the moment.