Fresh, tasty coffee

Step 1:    Disassemble moka pot device into three pieces - bottom water chamber, coffee basket with tube, and top coffee chamber.  There should also be a rubber gasket tucked underneath the top coffee chamber (this does not have to be removed, unless for cleaning purposes).

Step 2:    Pour hot water in to the bottom chamber.  Pour in enough to reach just below the steam-release valve located on the side.

Step 3:    Grind coffee to a medium coarseness similar to filter coffee.  Dose enough coffee in the coffee basket to fill the basket level with the top.  DO NOT press or tamp down coffee.

Step 4:    Place coffee basket in filled bottom water chamber and thread on top coffee chamber tightly.  Place on stove and medium-high heat (medium heat for open flame).

Step 5:    When water comes to a boil in the bottom water chamber, steam will be force through the tube in the inner coffee basket, extracting coffee up through the device into the top coffee chamber.  You will know when the coffee has finished brewing, when you know longer hear the hissing or perculating of coffee in the top chamber.

Step 6:    Remove moka pot from the stove and run cold water over the outside of the hot bottom chamber until cooled to the touch.  Serve in your favorite demitasse, or with friends.

Moka pot coffee will give you espresso-like results - heavy, rich body, with deep, sweet, and accentuated flavor.